At Performex, we believe you don’t have to be an athlete to train like one.
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Performex Fitness was first conceived in 2007 from Justin Curtis’s desire to combine his two passions, Martial Arts and Strength & Conditioning. He noticed that while some schools had both, one was virtually always added as an after-thought. He felt confident that with his background and knowledge he could build a school that would do both exceptionally well. In 2014 the concept materialized and Performex Fitness opened it’s doors.

Performex Fitness is the amalgamation of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Strength & Conditioning…neither is primary, each complements the other.  The individual can choose to focus on one and still train in the other. Our coaches are exceptionally knowledgeable and tailor the training of each individual to meet the needs of their lifestyle. Performex Fitness administers personalized programs in a small group training setting.

The Team

Justin Curtis
Head Coach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/ Strength and Conditioning Coach

Justin Curtis is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and the founder of Performex Inc. He was awarded his black belt in 2015 by James Clingerman who is a 3rd degree black belt under Mario Roberto and Anibal Braga of the Fadda lineage. Justin has a strong wrestling background and was formerly the assistant wrestling coach at Decatur Central High School. Justin regularly competes in both gi and no gi BJJ tournaments.

Additionally, Justin holds a B.S. in Exercise Science. He is a Certified Personal Trainer with certifications from ACE and ACSM. Justin has 14 years of experience training both personal clients and small group training  He is the head BJJ coach at Performex and a Strength & Conditioning coach.



Steve Tuttle
Strength and Conditioning/Nutrition Coach

Steve holds a Masters Degree in Exercise Science, spent two years as the ISU Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach, and six years as the ISU Martial Arts Program Director. With over sixteen years of martial arts experience, he holds a second degree black belt in Hapkido, is a full instructor in Martial Concepts, and a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Steve is a Strength & Conditioning coach and Nutrition Coach at Performex Fitness and Martial Arts.

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    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial arts system that focuses on close proximity grappling and ground fighting.

    In BJJ you learn to use techniques and leverage to take your opponent to the ground and apply joint-locks or chokes to defeat them.

    BJJ can be used for sport grappling tournaments (gi and no gi), in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and for self-defense in some situations.

    Sparring, or ``rolling,`` is a major part of training and offers a unique opportunity to actually practice and test your skills against an opponent.

    The Performex Youth Program teaches kids to defend against bullies without turning them into one.

    We don’t want kids to escalate a volatile situation with kicks or punches. Instead, we teach leverage based control holds to neutralize threats. Ages 5-12.


    Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a male dominated sport. Performex is one of the very few BJJ schools in the Indianapolis area offering a female run class for women.

    Our Barbell Fitness Programs are designed to help you become a better athlete.

    Our training programs help athletes reduce the risk of injury by teaching them proper mechanics and identifying any imbalances caused by repetitive movements.

    Not an athlete?

    That doesn't mean you can't train like one.

    Our coaches have worked with people from a broad range of experience levels and know how to safely design a fitness program to help you meet your goals, whatever they may be.

Look What Our Members Say About Performex...

  • Performex teaches in the best style I’ve ever experienced

    One by one over the last nine months, our entire family has descended into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu obsession. It started with our 11 year old daughter and my husband, until one by one, the rest of our family joined. The reason is simple: Performex teaches in the best style I’ve ever experienced. The beginners classes are broken down in an easily followed step-by-step style, while the women’s and regular classes do drills and more complex moves. Justin is a great teacher and facilitates an environment where it’s easy to ask questions.  When you’re going into a situation where there’s a risk of getting hurt, it’s important to have classmates that respect and care for one another. These guys foster an environment filled with knowledgeable, kind people. For a beginning white belt, it can be intimidating, yet all the higher belts take the time to work with you, teach you, and mentor you. It’s an amazing community. The kids classes are fun and structured to keep the kids moving and most importantly, not bored! Aubrey and Jeff developed the perfect formula to trick these kiddos into working hard without realizing it. For me, Jiu Jitsu hasn’t just been a great workout and a way to learn to protect myself. It teaches you to be in the present, because if you’re not, you will lose.  For all of us, working at Performex has made us stronger, faster, and given us confidence that we can kick butt if necessary. We’re looking forward to many more years of training at Performex." - Jessica O.

    Katie P
  • Everybody is encouraging and supportive

    This class is a great opportunity to train with other women in a positive environment. Aubrey is fantastic at helping us understand the mechanics of different techniques and how to make adjustments for variables such as size and experience. Everybody is encouraging and supportive of one another during both class and open mat, which really helps when trying to build up your confidence and knowledge base.

    Katie P
  • I couldn’t be happier with my results and experience

    I have been working with the fitness and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu staff at Performex for almost two years now and I couldn't be happier with my results and experience. As a lifelong competitive athlete, physical fitness and training has been an important aspect of my everyday routine.  Unfortunately after years of training myself before joining Performex I had started to see plateaus in strength training and knew it was time for a change. The staff at Performex, particularly Steve Tuttle and Jason Nunn, have helped me breakthrough new fitness barriers and accomplish many personal goals. The staff at Performex is incredibly knowledgeable and the programming is constantly evolving which prevents lifting sessions from becoming stale and has helped me personally continue to see an increase in my lifting performance. The lifting at Performex has positioned me to compete in BJJ to the best of my ability. I definitely recommend the fitness staff at Performex if you are looking to achieve immediate results and compete athletically at a high level and to the best of your ability.  When I started at Performex I had zero experience in BJJ but wanted to try it as a way to supplement my strength training and learn self defense techniques.  The coaches at Perfomex, Justin and Aubrey, have been nothing sort of remarkable. They were extremely welcoming and patient with me from the beginning.  Since joining Performex I have gone from someone with no wrestling or BJJ experience to a blue belt in BJJ. The learning environment that Coach Justin has fostered at Performex in my opinion is unmatched. There are no egos! I feel comfortable and even encouraged to ask questions as Justin and Aubrey are willing to help at all times.  The other upper belts in the gym also serve as tremendous resources for knowledge and mentorship. Overall, joining the BJJ team at Performex has been one of the best decisions I have made." - Craig P.

    Katie P
  • You won’t find a better team to train with!

    "Performex is an excellent place to train! No matter what your goals are they are there for you. Whether you want to learn self defense, sport Jiu Jitsu, get strong, or just get in a little better shape, they are there for you. The coaching staff is top notch! They are all very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and will make you feel right at home. Everyone that comes to Performex is an outstanding individual and you won't find a better team to train with!" - Brandon Z.

    Katie P
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